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Aquaréna is a thread made of  staple fibers of polyvinyl alcohol (PVA).
Aquarena is a water-soluble thread used instead of standard sewing threads for temporary stitches and basting. Technologically advanced specialized thread is used to sew temporary zipps,  to position pockets and appliqué , than remove with water or iron without residue or stains.
Standard sewing threads used for temporary stitching are unpicking after  a garment is complete.

Aquqarena thread is removed with water that helps to bring down labour and production costs and eliminate the danger of  fabric rupture.

Main uses:
·    Ladies tops
·    Ladies and men’s shirts
·    Skirts, dresses and trousers
·    Basting
·    Pleat formation
·    Hand and machine appliqué
·    Difficult fabric matching
·    Neckline and armhole gathering stitchLine matching stitch

Aquarena is available only in white color.

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