Clothing threads

All threads of our production can be divided into the following subgroups:

Threads for coats, suits, shirts, etc. – The best threads fot this kind of products  are poliester thread like Arena 120, Arena 80N, Arena 70. When you need a thread with greater strength, we recommend core polyester threads Ester 120, Ester 80 or cotton-coated core threads Polico 120, Polico 80.

– Threads for personal and bed linen – we recommend elastic threads made of textured polyester Atena 160, Atena 180, thread-cut polyester Arena 120 as well as core threads with high strength Ester 120, Ester 80.

Threads for denim clothing – we recommend threads made of cut polyester Arena 30, Arena 70 or Arena 80N. Also core strands threads  Ester 80, Ester 60 are very well-suited. For thicker materials, we recomend Ester 40, Ester 36, Ester 20.

– Threads for workwear – we especially recommend  Arena 80N, Arena 70 (cut polyester) and core threads Ester 120, Ester 80, Ester 60. However, we have something special for employees of the fire brigades, police, army, energy industry, gas stations and heavy industry workers – THOR 40 and THOR 40N, which have, in their structure, a core of stainless steel, preventing the accumulation of electric charges on sewn clothes.

– Threads for sportswear and swimsuits – elastic, textured poliester threads “Atena” of all types: Atena 80, Atena 100, Atena 160, Atena 180.

– Threads for punching machines, quilting machines, overlock – m Arena 120 (cut polyester), Mars 180 i Mars 120 (polyester) or elastic threads made of  textured polyester Atena 160, Atena 180.

– Threads for leather goods– we suggest to use polyamide threads Gabor 60, Gabor 40 or polyester threads “Mars” on the following types: Mars 120, Mars 80, Mars 60, Mars 60N, Mars 40, Mars 40N. Also possible here is use of core threads like Ester 80, Ester 60.

– Threads for bags –  primarily Arena 10, extremely strong, durable, polyester thread.