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The power of sewing in the threads!

Thirty years on textile market!

The Sewing Threads Factory Amanda Ltd. has been established in 1989 as the first Polish private company producing threads.

Thanks to the continuous implementation of innovative technologies, Amanda Ltd. is a very modern company dedicated to meeting its customers needs. From the beginning it has been Amandas mission to fulfill the clients  requirements and needs on the highest possible level with respect to the technological process, the product and the quality of service.

In our trading with thread we follow a motto contains in Companys Quality Management System: to provide the products, service and technical support to suit the individual  customers needs. 


Amanda Ltd. has its own laboratory and a dye house which helps us to fill customers orders per sample the advantage of that is that we can quickly match the colour of a thread to the sample supplied to us by the client. Our standard production consists of clothing and technical threads made of cut, continuous, core, textured and polyamide textiles for a number of various applications in a wide range of colours as well as in varied sizes of beams and numeration.

We conduct the quality analysis of our products in our own metrological laboratory, which allows for the continuous quality control that each batch of our products goes through. On our clients request, we can also verify the parameters of the produced thread with the appropriate certificate of quality.


We have been on the textile market for 30 years! Over the years, we have gained considerable experience, and we know, how to meet the needs of everyone, even the most demanding customer. We offer both polyester threads (Arena, Athena, Mars, Arras) as well as polyamide (Ares, Gabor, Handicraft), core threads (Ester), core threads with cotton braid (Akmena, Delta, Polico), threads of viscose fibers (Gracja), and even threads with a built-in stainless steel core (Thor). Also we provided threads, which are infrared invisible (Delta). As you can see, we fully deserve to be able to use our slogan: \”THREADS FOR SPECIAL TASKS\”.


Specialized antistatic threads with a metal core. Threads technologically advanced for the production of protective clothing.


Industrial polyester threads with increased breaking strength. High resistance to external factors.


Technical threads with very high quality parameters. Obtained using a new type of continuous polyamide silk.


ATENA – clothing thread made of textured polyester fiber. Recommended for covering seams (preferred for overlock holders).


Threads made of technical polyamide silk. They guarantee the suture strength of even a heavily loaded in use.


Core threads that have a remedy consistent with NO-84-A203. Infrared invisible.


Polyester threads, very tear-resistant. For sewing on modern sewing machines.


Sewing threads with a wide range of applications. A combination of polyester core and cotton braid.


Anti-allergic threads made of viscose rayon. For machine embroidery.


Threads soluble in water. Used for temporary stitching and basting.

 Amanda Ltd. cooperates with a number of dispatching and transportation companies and has a vast distribution network, which makes it possible for us to deliver our products to any location in Poland or abroad in a relatively short time. Presently, Amanda Ltd. expands the export of its products to both EU and Poland’s Eastern neighbours as well as outside our continent.