Flame retardant sewing thread – Aramida

Aramida N – flame retardant sewing th0read made of meta-aramid type Nomex fibers.

The threads are resistant to UV rays and have a Fire Safety Certificate issued by the appropriate certification body. The distribution temperature of the Aramida N threads thread is about 400°C. They are available in several selected colors and numbers Aramida N 70 and Aramida N 40.

Aramida N threads are used everywhere where the resistance of fire protective clothing to fire and high temperatures is required, and so for sewing: clothing for uniformed services (army, police, fire brigade), protective clothing for motor sportsmen and all kinds of protective clothing like gloves or masks for workers exposed to high temperatures.

Aramida K– flame retardant threads made of para-aramid fibers of the Kevlar type.

These threads also have the appropriate Fire Safety Certificate and are resistant to UV rays (they do not darken). The distribution temperature for these threads is about 400°C.

Aramida K threads are used for sewing specialized protective equipment for steelworkers, police, army, fire brigade (overalls, bulletproof vests, gloves, fire blankets, electrical insulation, and others)