Threads for footwear industry

Threads for footwear industry

In the footwear industry, above all, a strong thread counts, guaranteeing a beautiful seam and perfect sewing conditions. Here are the threads, we recommend for footwear industry: 

– MARS  60, 60N, 40, 40N, 20 – made of continuous polyester, high strength, abrasion resistance and impact of external factors..

– GABOR 60 and  40 – polyamide thread, ensuring the strength even very loaded pattern.

 ARES 20, 10 and 8 – polyamide, thick thread, used mainly for decorative seams.

– Bonded Threads – polyester or polyamide braided threads with very high breaking strength.

– ESTER 60, 40 – we mainly recommend in the production of home footwear.