Threads for car industry

High-quality threads are important automotive industry, where details of finishing car upholstery, affect the final appearance of the product, giving it an elegant, impeccable look.

In our assortment we have a number of products for car upholstery:

MARS 40, 40N and 20 – threads of continuous polyester with high resistance to abrasion and the influence of external factors, recommended mainly for leather upholstery;  MARS 15 and 10 – for decorative seams, they are ideal for sewing car safety belts or child seats,

GABOR 60 and 40 – polyamide threads, guaranteeing the durability of even a heavily loaded seam, recommended for leather upholstery,

ESTER 40, 36 and 20 – polyester core threads, mainly recommended for fabric upholstery,

POLICO 40, 36 and 20 – polyester cotton thread with cotton braid, dedicated for use for sewing fabric car upholstery,

AKMENA 40, 36 – core threads (polyester with cotton braid) of unusual smoothness, recommended for fabric upholstery,

ARES 20, 10, 8, 6 – thick polyamide threads for decorative seams

MARS BD 40 and 40N – bonded threads of incredible strength, additionally reinforced with glue sealant, which prevents the threads from unscrewing and breaking, recommended for leather upholstery.