Threads for furniture upholstery

In the production of upholstered furniture, carefully selected threads are the basis. They affect not only the functionality and durability of the final product, but also its elegant, impeccable appearance, unchanged under the influence of passing time. In our assortment we have a number of products for furniture upholstery:

MARS 40, 40N i 20 – threads of continuous polyester with high resistance to abrasion and the influence of external factors, recommended mainly for leather upholstery

MARS 15 i 10 – for decorative seams,

GABOR 60 i 40 – polyamide threads, guaranteeing the durability of even a heavily loaded seam, recommended for leather upholstery,

ESTER 40, 36 i 20 – core polyester threads, mainly recommended for fabric upholstery,

POLICO 40, 36 i 20 – polyester core thread with cotton braid, this threads are recommended for fabric upholstery,

AKMENA 40, 36 – core threads (polyester with a cotton braid) of unusual smoothness, recommended for fabric upholstery

ARES 20, 10, 8, 6 – thick polyamide threads for decorative seams,

MARS BD 40 i 40N – glued threads with increased strength, additionally reinforced with glue sealant, which prevents twisting and  thread breaking. Recommended for leather upholstery.