Hydrophobic threads

Threads with a special waterproof finish. They have properties that make the seam resistant to water absorption. Threads are made to individual order.

Threads of continuous polyester with a permanent hydrophobic finish – Mars HFB, we especially recommend for footwear.

Mars HFB threads available in thicknesses 60, 60N, 40, 40N, 20 and 10. The technical parameters of the Mars HFB thread are identical to the parameters of the Mars thread.

Polico HFB cotton core threads, we recommend especially where materials with the addition of cotton fibers are used. We especially recommend Polico HFB threads for sewing umbrellas, sails, awnings, tarpaulins and garden furniture.

Polico HFB threads available in thicknesses 80, 60, 36, 40 and 20. Technical parameters of Polico HFB threads are identical to those of Polico threads.