Threads for the uniforms

For uniformed services (army, police, fire brigades, etc.) we recommend first and foremost:

Delta – an infrared invisible core (polyester with a cotton braid) that has a remedy consistent with the NO-84-A203 Defense Standard in the entire wavelength range (400 nm to 1100 nm). It is used in the production of equipment for the army (uniforms, field uniforms, shoes, backpacks, tents, belts, etc.). We offer the following thicknesses: Delta 120, Delta 80, Delta 60.

THOR 40 and THOR 40N – thread containing a core of stainless metal in its construction, which causes dissipation of the electric charge on the sewn clothing, for example, from the friction of one layer of material against the other. It prevents the accumulation of electric charges on the surface of clothing, furniture, shoes. They are used for sewing protective clothing, for fire brigades, police, army, energy industry, gas stations and heavy industry.

– we also recommend polyester cut threads –  Arena 80N, Arena 70 for the uniforms.