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We kindly inform you that since 22 December, 2017 our Point of Sale in Rumia  will be permanently closed.
Our domestic Clients will be taken over by Customer Service in Sulechów.
tel. +48 68 385 07 16, +48 68 385 07 25
and our Point of Sale in Rzgów.
tel. +48 42 214 10 80

Foreign Customers will be taken over by Export Department in Sulechów.
tel. +48 68 385 07 05
mobile +48 609 706 110

tel. +48 68 385 07 26
mobile +48 782 008 033
We are very sorry for inconvenience.        


We are in the textile market for over 20 years! Since 1989 Factory Amanda supplies thread to entire country and many other European countries. We are modern factory, which is constantly developing products and improving technology.

Our motto, meaning  Our work and the work of our clients is surrounded by rich world of colors. Quality of our thread is not black and white. It is worth to check it out!, is with us from the beggining and it is our philosophy of work.

Amanda Factory offers the following threads:

  • industrial thread
  • thread in display stands
  • thread for machine embroidery
  • threads for  needlework
  • specialist threads
    and others


To satisfy all the needs of our customers, we also offer a lot of services, such as dying, twisting and stabilizing. Visit us - you will leave us happy for sure!